Welcome to Marconi Travel

All our travel advisors have travel qualifications and have travelled extensively. We are not a mainstream walk in travel agency that will sell you the cheapest “package” on the market. We listen to your requirements and design a unique itinerary to suit your needs. We don’t sell you what we are no prepared to travel in ourselves.

Family Travel

Marconi Travel has been arranging family travel for multi-generations for since our commencement, more so in the recent years.  Most grandparents would like to take their grandchildren to where they born and to experience their motherland culture.  Some have decided to forgo the cultural experience and travel on a cruise has plenty of entertainment that caters to most families.

Italian Travel

Whether you’re travelling to see the ancient ruins of Rome, perusing art piece of DaVinci, shopping in Milan, being serenaded on a Gondola in Venice, sipping on Chianti, having an after dinner Limoncello, taking a cooking class in Tuscany, relaxing on the Amalfi Coast or walking the Cinque Terre.  There’s a variety of places and things to see and do that immerses you into the Italian culture.s.

Special Events

We specialise in organising your trip from door to door… and even think of special events that will make your trip memorable… let us take you on your journey – from feeling the atmosphere of a sporting event or relaxing in spas, we try to cater for all your needs.

Luxury Travel

Travelling in luxury is becoming more frequent for most of our clients.  We’ve work hard for our money and we believe we deserve to pamper ourselves on our next travel experience.  Most of our customers have developed the likes of upgrading and have found this to be the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday.

Corporate Travel

Marconi Travel has a number of corporate clients who rely on our expertise and efficiency and 24 Hour support to get from “A to B”. We are always willing to take on new accounts so contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your company’s travel needs.

Unique Product

Marconi Travel!  has worked hard to develop exclusive relationships with unique suppliers so that we can offer you something different…. No matter what your requirements we have the ability to find the product to suit your needs.

Marconi Travel by personally experiencing our suppliers’ products we have confidence in their quality and value. This empowers us to confidently recommend their services.